What is SVG used for?

If you are looking for the perfect images to use in Cricut Design Space, then SVG files for Cricut is what you want. They will make your work much easier!

SVG Files for Cricut make choosing very intricate Cricut machine projects so much fun! They are done for you; no converting files or anything. Easy!

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic. It’s about to get technical here for a second, but hang in there with me. It’s a super fancy term, but basically it means that it’s a vector graphic that can be sized to any scale without losing its sharpness. Have you ever tried to print a photo, only to find out that the larger you printed, the blurrier the photo got? Fortunately, that doesn’t happen with SVG files. You could take a file that is 0.5″ and blow it up to 50 feet and it would never get blurry or lose it’s resolution. If you find an SVG online and download it, you can upload it into Design Space and not have to worry about the quality being compromised. Another plus to SVG files is that they are editable. Basically what this means is that once you import it into Design Space, you can edit the file however you want! When you upload an SVG, you will find that you can completely change the SVG to your own liking. You can change the stroke, the fill color – you can choose to cut it, print it, or even separate parts if you wanted one part of the SVG to cut on one material and the rest of it to cut on another. For example, let’s say you upload an SVG of an apple that has the word “teacher” in it. When you upload it in Design Space, you could change the SVG so that the apple part cuts on vinyl and then tell it to cut the “teacher” part on chipboard. It lets you customize anything! In short, all you really need to know is that SVGs are great files to upload to Cricut – they’re crisp, clear and easy to use! They’re often referred to as Cut Files in the Cricut/Silhouette world.

What is SVG used for

SVG files for Cricut are the files ready to use in Cricut Design with no editing or cleaning.

You can identify SVG files in your personal files by the icon on the left.

What makes SVG files for Cricut so nice is that it is a clean image, meaning that you don’t have to clean out all the white spaces when you download an image.

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